Grafik eines verzweifelten Betrügers in seinem Hotelzimmer

Ripped Off!

People and companies that exude self-confidence and success cannot always be trusted. In this series of reports, dubious machinations, criminal fraud and ice-cold rip-offs are revealed and explained.

To the outside world, they maintained a pure, successful image. But in reality, they were involved in dubious to criminal schemes and thus ripped off their environment: fraudsters and their deeds. Our series "Ripped off!" deals with Germany's biggest fraud cases.

Episode 01 - The investment fraudster Felix Vossen

Episode 02 - The case of Alexander Falk

Episode 03 - The impostor Jürgen Harksen

Episode 04 - The Auschwitz diaries

Episode 05 - The cancer drug scandal

Episode 06 - The P&R container scandal

  • Films by: Tim Klimeš, Carla Röthig, Sophie Hafner
  • Camera: Markus Müller, Harald Schmuck
  • Editing & Graphics: Konstantin Gramalla
  • Illustrations: Matthias Schardt
  • Production: Beate Selchow, Carsten Bartelt, Brian A. Moser, Silcke Benckendorff
  • Editorial Office ZDFinfo: Imke Meier, Natalie Zinkand, Michael Scheuch
  • Production ZDFinfo: Jenny Heininger

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