Ein Mann reicht einer Frau aus dem Autofenster 20 Euro

Cheap Sex - Exploited for 30 Euros

The documentary by Jan-Philipp Scholz and Johannes Meier delves into the cruel underworld of forced prostitution. It traces the money from Germany's red-light districts via Switzerland to the people behind the scenes in Nigeria.

The investigation begins in the red light district. Despite dumping prices, punters provide the criminal networks with gigantic revenues. 14 billion are turned over per year in Germany with sex purchase - according to conservative estimates.

"The quick number is now almost cheaper than lunch," tell the johns here. One admits, "You can tell a lot of women don't do it voluntarily." Blessing, a victim from Nigeria, reports that the traffickers have even threatened her with murder since she wanted out.

The authors set out to track down the criminals who exploit Blessing and other women, following their dirty money. In the process, they encounter a dark parallel world where ominous secret societies call the shots. They collect the money from the prostitutes, launder it and transfer it across the globe.

  • Director: Jan-Philipp Scholz, Johannes Meier
  • Collaboration: Nnenna Obibuaku
  • Camera: Johannes Meier, Steph Ketelhut, Allen Onyige
  • Editing: Leonardo Franke
  • Graphic: Konstantin Gramalla
  • Producers: Johanna Behre, Isis Struiksma
  • Production: Carsten Bartelt
  • Production ZDFinfo: Sina Eckhardt
  • Editorial Office ZDFinfo: Wolfgang Aull

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