Testbild Lieferdienste

At the limit - the tough world of delivery services

Time pressure, heavy backpacks, dangerous road traffic - everyday life for tens of thousands of couriers in Germany. They often work for the minimum wage. Their contact person is their cell phone. Traditional company structures are becoming obsolete, and with them employee rights.

At almost all delivery services in Germany, employees are now rebelling, going on strike, and demanding co-determination. But the establishment of works councils is meeting with vehement resistance from the mostly young companies.

The companies are growing fast; politics is too slow. The market is still largely unregulated. Everyone is betting on the Amazon principle: The main thing is market dominance and growth - whoever wins can really cash in. Not least with the collection of data. While employees are constantly tracked, the collected customer data on purchasing behavior becomes a commodity itself.

  • Director: Sophie Hafner
  • Camera: Markus Müller, Nadine Gothkopp
  • Sound: Frank Ebermann, Sirko Löschner, Simon Hückstädt
  • Editing: Gunnar Refardt, Chris Rubino
  • Grafik: Konstantin Gramalla
  • Speaker: Ulrike Hübschmann
  • Executive Producer: Johanna Behre
  • Producer: Alexandra Georgi
  • Production: Carsten Bartelt
  • Production ZDFinfo: Jenny Heininger
  • Editorial Office ZDFinfo: Michael Scheuch

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