Uli Hoeneß mit seinen Anwälten vor Gericht

Uli Hoeneß - The Patriarch

What happened to this man who stood up for his players all his life, who was revered by some like a father, who at some point managed to get millions into a Swiss account and evaded taxes? The film focuses on the path of Uli Hoeneß from the clever son of a butcher from Ulm to a globally respected footballer and soccer manager, and ultimately to a speculator serving his sentence as a prisoner in Landsberg.

The docudrama is based on the findings of a team of researchers and trial observers. The script was written under the direction of Hoeneß biographer Juan Moreno and court reporter Annette Ramelsberger. In addition to Thomas Thieme as Uli Hoeneß and Lisa Kreuzer as his wife Susanne, the cast includes Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart, Uwe Preuss and Peter Kremer.

The scenes designed by director Christian Twente bring to life situations for which there are otherwise no images, such as important moments during the 2014 trial in Munich's Palace of Justice. Original recordings, some of them unknown, from five decades complement the scenic passages. Conversations with companions, friends, rivals and biographers bring us closer to the fate of Uli Hoeneß.

  • Director: Christian Twente
  • Script: Annette Ramelsberger, Juan Moreno, Johanna Behre
  • Camera: Martin Christ (szenisch), Dirk Heuer (dokumentarisch)
  • Editing: Andrea Schumacher
  • Producer: Michael Löseke
  • Music: Rudolf Moser
  • Production: Stefan Hoffmann
  • Production Manager: Stefan Pahlke
  • Editorial Office (ZDF): Stefan Brauburger, Stefan Mausbach
  • Production Manager (ZDF): Carola Ulrich
  • Project Manager: Peter Arens
  • Executive Producer: M. Walid Nakschbandi