Eine Architektin sieht nach oben und begutachtet eine Decke

Women Building

When one hears the term "star architecture" one thinks primarily of: Men. Yet talented women have been working in the industry for decades, and like Zaha Hadid or Eileen Gray, they delivered groundbreaking designs early on. Not heroes. Not gods, but experts in their field. What hurdles and challenges do female architects overcome on their way to the top? How do they get the highly coveted contracts in a fiercely competitive industry? And to what extent do their designs and buildings reflect their vision of a different, better world?

The featured female architects all have one thing in common - their experience as women in a male-dominated industry. Beyond stereotypes and clichés, the documentary presents diverse perspectives of women on contemporary building culture. The women architects give very personal statements on all aspects of their profession: leadership and authority, the cult of genius, creativity, pressure, competition, understanding of roles, social responsibility. They also provide insights into their own relationship to power. The result is more than a description of the current state: a perspective view of an industry in flux. In leadership, style and materials, how sustainable is building and will it need to be in the future?

Architecture that inspires is artful, creative or simply imposing. Regine Leibinger and her office are building the tallest building in Berlin by 2024. Helga Blocksdorf realized a building in Weimar that is clad in birch bark, while Anapuma Kundoo has devoted herself entirely to the revival of traditional Indian craftsmanship, as with her "Wall-House," which she had built to scale for the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Architecture is the only art form that can be animated, inhabited, walked on. Women architects shape the world we live in, today and in the future. The documentary "Women Build" introduces some of them.

  • Director: Johanna Behre
  • Camera: Susanne Erler
  • Sound: Bianka Schulze
  • Editing: Clara Andres
  • Graphics: Konstantin Gramalla
  • Speakers: Ulrike Hübschmann, Abak Safaei-Rad
  • Editorial Collaboration AVE: Ilayda Karakurt, Carla Röthig
  • Production: Beate Selchow, Carsten Bartelt
  • Production Manager AVE: Brian A. Moser
  • Production Manager ZDF/3Sat: Jörg Schmidt
  • Editorial Office ZDF/3sat: Wolfgang Horn