Die Moderator:innen von "Futur Wir" stehen zu dritt in einem Museum

Futur Wir - The New German Self-Image

Germany and the world are currently experiencing a turning point. But what does that mean in concrete terms? How do we want to live in the future? How diverse do we want to love? And what about the term "Leitkultur"? The three-part 3sat series "Futur Wir - Das neue deutsche Selbstverständnis" (Future We - The New German Self-Image), starting Saturday, October 22, 2022, 7:20 p.m., by Liv Thamsen and Paul Wiederhold looks for answers for the future. To this end, presenter Maria Popov, author Sineb El Masrar and journalist Sascha Chaimowicz discuss the question with various representatives of Generations Y and Z and meet artists and courageous media and opinion makers. Each individual episode focuses on a central set of topics.

  • Directors: Liv Thamsen und Paul Wiederhold
  • Sound: Dennis Groß, Michael Thäle, Andreas Schmidt
  • Camera: Susanne Erler, Julia Geiß
  • Editing: Jens Greuner, Sarah Marie Franke, Lisa Friedhofen
  • Graphics: Konstantin Gramalla
  • Executive Producer: Johanna Behre
  • Editorial Assistence: Karin Hagemann
  • Production Manager AVE: Carsten Bartelt
  • Production Manager ZDF/3sat: Jörg Schmidt
  • Editorial Office ZDF/3sat: Bettina von Pfeil

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