Moderator Mirko Drotschmann vor dem Gebäude der Wannseekonferenz

The Wannsee Conference

Fifteen men and a secretary meet in a villa on the Großer Wannsee in Berlin on January 20, 1942. What they discuss means nothing less than the death of millions of people. In a nine-part web video series for ZDF Terra X, "Mr. Knowledge 2 Go" Mirko Drotschmann presents facts and context surrounding the Wannsee Conference.

  • Director: Leonie Schöler
  • Camera: Julia Geiß
  • Sound: Yorck Schönbrunn, Matthias Onken
  • Editing: Michael Fandel
  • Graphics: Benjamin Leng
  • Speakers: Mirko Drotschmann, Romanus Fuhrmann
  • Production: Frauke Wolf (ZDF), Brian A. Moser
  • Executive Producer: Johanna Behre
  • Producer: Alexandra Georgi
  • Editorial Assistence: Felicia Bayer
  • Editorial Office ZDF: Anja Greulich, Stefan Gierer
  • Project Manager: Stefan Brauburger

The series is available to stream in the ZDF Media Library: