Angela Merkel verlässt eine Sitzung mit ihren Beratern

Hours of Decision - Angela Merkel and the Refugees

The docudrama by Christian Twente reconstructs the dramatic as well as momentous 24 hours from September 4 to 5, 2015, when Angela Merkel decided to allow thousands of refugees to enter Germany. In addition to the main political actors, the film also includes the perspective of the refugees. The Syrian Mohammad Zatareih, who also has his say, had been instrumental in initiating the joint departure at the Budapest train station. The parallel events around the two main characters provide the dramaturgical guideline for the scenic and documentary presentation. Original recordings and interviews complement the scenic passages.

  • Authors: Sandra Stöckmann, Marc Brost
  • Director: Christian Twente
  • Assistent Director: Michael Löske
  • Camera (Documentary): Dirk Heuer, Facundo Altube
  • Camera (Scenes): Martin Christ
  • Editing: Ramin Sabeti
  • Music: Robert Moser
  • Scene Design: Annette Kuhn
  • Costume Design: Filiz Ertas
  • Makeup: Kerstin Riek
  • Production Manager: Dr. Silke Benckendorff
  • Producer: Claudia Schebesta
  • Production Manager ZDF: Mathias Hammer, Carola Ulrich (ZDF)
  • Executive Producers: Tim Klimes, Walid Nakschbandi
  • Editorial Office ZDF: Stefan Brauburger, Stefan Mausbach
  • Project Manager: Prof. Peter Arens (ZDF)