Beate Zschäpe mit ihren Anwälten vor Gericht

Last Exit Gera - Eight Hours with Beate Zschäpe

Since May 2013, Beate Zschäpe has been on trial for alleged complicity in the NSU's gruesome murders. In the summer of 2012, she was allowed to visit her grandmother in Thuringia while in custody. The BKA assigned particularly experienced investigators to accompany the suspected right-wing terrorist. After the trip from Cologne Prison to Thuringia and back, the officers wrote a protocol. It served authors Raymond and Hannah Ley as the basis for the screenplay. The focus is on stages of the journey, during which the defendant talked but said little and yet revealed quite a bit about her character. In the docudrama, the authors contrast stages of the journey with moments from the later trial.

The courtroom scenes give oppressive descriptions of the victims' relatives. They make clear that they not only had to suffer from the deeds, but were even suspected of being the perpetrators themselves during the investigation. Not only do courtroom scenes give the relatives a voice in the docudrama, they also have their say personally: fathers, mothers and siblings of the murdered.

Beate Zschäpe has broken her silence, but her statements raise doubts. The docudrama "Last Exit Gera - Eight Hours with Beate Zschäpe" shows how interrogators tried to get the truth from her in 2012.

In addition to Joachim Król and Christina Große as BKA investigators, Lisa Wagner as Beate Zschäpe and Axel Milberg in the role of Judge Götzl were in front of the camera. Grimme Award winner Ley also directed the film.

The 90-minute docudrama is an AVE production in cooperation with UFA FICTION on behalf of ZDF.

  • Directors: Hannah und Raymond Ley
  • Camera: Philipp Kirsamer, Johannes Päch
  • Editing: Ulf Albert
  • Production Manager (ZDF): Peter Arens
  • Production Manager: Stefan Pahlke
  • Editorial Office (ZDF): Stefan Brauburger, Stefan Mausbach
  • Production (ZDF): Carola Ulrich
  • Executive Producers: Walid Nakschbandi, Nico Hofmann