Kaiser Wilhelm II. steht vor seinen Beratern


The docudrama "Kaisersturz" reflects the decisive weeks from September 1918, when leading generals revealed to Kaiser Wilhelm II the threat of military defeat in World War I, to the collapse of the German monarchy and the proclamation of the Republic on November 9, 1918.

The last emperor, Wilhelm II, is in the foreground, but it has long been others who determine the fate of "his" empire. The regent is weak-willed and in need of leaning, but continues to stage himself as the great emperor. Empress Auguste Viktoria gains power and fights relentlessly to retain the throne and keep her dynasty together.

The film recounts the showdown between the old regime and its protagonists, the imperial couple, the generals and the strengthening democratic forces around the Social Democrats Friedrich Ebert and Philipp Scheidemann. A key role is played by Prince Max of Baden, who is appointed to the chancellorship as a compromise candidate during the crisis.

  • Script: Dirk Kämper, Lothar Machtan
  • Director: Christoph Röhl
  • Expert Advice: Lothar Machtan
  • Camera: Peter Steuger
  • Speaker: Philipp Moog
  • Editing: Julia Oehring
  • Music: Ali N. Askin
  • Scene Design: Sylvester Koziolek, Dragan Denda
  • Costume Design: Filiz Ertas, Dorota Budna
  • Makeup: Stefanie Gredig, Dörte Dobkowitz
  • Casting: Anja Dihrberg
  • Production: Carola Ulrich, Philipp Müller
  • Production Management: André Kotte
  • Producer: Johanna Behre, David Nienhold
  • Executive Producer: M. Walid Nakschbandi
  • Editorial Office ZDF: Stefan Brauburger, Annette von der Heyde