Collage aus Provinzaufnahmen und Crystal Meth
© argon film / Konstantin Gramalla

Drug Country - Province on a high

From 16.10.2023 in the ZDF-Mediathek and on 23.10.2023 from 20:15 on ZDFinfo.

The series "Drogen-Land - Provinz im Rausch" (Drug Country - Intoxicated Provinces) sheds light on drug scenes in rural areas of Germany. The frightening finding: not only in the hotspots of the big cities, but also in the German provinces, problems related to the use of illegal drugs are increasing rapidly.

  • Films by: Sophie Hafner, Jan-Philipp Scholz, Johan von Mirbach
  • Editorial assistance: Karin Hagemann, Nathalie Ladermann
  • Camera: Susanne Erler, Johannes Guttenhöfer, Michael Komagata, Markus Müller, Beate Scherer
  • Sound: Armin Badde, Joshua Biesenthal, Lennard Birmanns,, Dennis Groß, Oliver Winkler, 
  • Editing: Sophie Hafner, Rocco Di Mento, Max Narkovic
  • Graphics: Konstantin Gramalla
  • Producers: Loraine Blumenthal, Alexandra Georgi
  • Producer: Johanna Behre
  • Production: Beate Selchow, Carsten Bartelt
  • Production Manager: Carsten Bartelt